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Although each project is unique, I developed a comprehensive and flexible design process
that allows to reach successful results.

Elsa benoldi Graphic Design meeting

Step 1

Let’s start with a chat. We’ll talk about your brand, about your values and goals. How is your company positioned among others in the marketplace? Who are your ideal customers? What appeals to those people? What’s your brand personality and what’s its voice?

Step 2

During the research phase, we will discover what’s already on the market, we’ll collect ideas and inspirations. This is how the conception and exploration phase begins.
Elsa benoldi Graphic Design book
Elsa benoldi Graphic Design sketch

Step 3

I’ll start by sketching out some ideas and I will show you three different design routes. We can then have a chat about what you like or dislike about them. Your brand is taking shape!

Step 4

We are going to complete your identity by applying the final adjustments and refinements. In this phase I will create mockups (realistic digital prototypes) which will help you to visualise how your identity will be applied to different branding assets and materials.
Elsa benoldi Graphic Design palette
Elsa benoldi Graphic Design laptop

Step 5

Once you are happy with the result, I’ll prepare and deliver all the assets you need to let your brand live in the world. I will support you every step of the journey by giving you advice on how to best present and communicate your new brand identity.
I look forward to
hearing from you!
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